Research Interests

My research activities on synthetic polymer chemistry and soft condensed matter aim to sustain systematic investigation on physicochemical properties of macromolecules, self-assembly of nature mimicking materials, isotropic and anisotropic colloidal suspensions, model biological membranes as well as self-healing polymers. The past and ongoing studies about “electrostatic self-assembly and polyelectrolyte multilayers as bio-inspired materials”, “surface modification by ultrathin organic films” and “conjugated polyelectrolytes as luminescent reporters” cover broad range of scientific projects which have sustainability and high potential to be granted. I wish to pursue my professional career in these fields and feel motivated to continue research on synthetic polymer chemistry and soft colloidal systems to study their fascinating physical chemistry, dynamics and interesting phase behaviours. In long term, my ultimate aim is to develop new materials and new processing methodologies for the combinations of synthetic soft matter and natural polymers that can be utilized as nature-inspired advanced materials.




Smart Materials

Global Health